Sclerodermìa: la genetica individua altri fattori responsabili
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Scleroderma: nothing more true than “the root is skin-deep”

A protein known to play a role in cancer may also be increasing fibrosis in scleroderma patients. Systemic sclerosis (Scleroderma, SSc) is a systemic chronic autoimmune disease comprised of blood vascular dysfunction, autoimmunity and excessive […]

DNA shuffling
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Dread DNA modification? Fear not, anxiety is now an option

Researchers at The University of Queensland have discovered a DNA modification that enhances our ability to extinguish fear. Fear extinction works as a counter-balance to fear and involves the creation of new non-fearful memories with […]

Mutations: not just in overt cancer
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Mutations: not just in overt cancer, the hotspot lights up earlier

  Mutations in healthy tissue are known as somatic mutations. As people age, mutations in their DNA slowly build up.  Because cancer is the result of an accumulation of genetic mutations, understanding how these add up over […]

Il gene malato "muta la pelle": il caso della sindrome AEC
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The sick gene “shifts the skin”: the case for AEC syndrome

The origin of many diseases lies in the genetic anomalies that cause malfunctions in the proteins that encode. A well-known and widely studied example is p53, a tumor suppressor protein (tumor suppressor). The inactivation of […]

diabete tipo 2
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Type 2 diabetes: SOX5 is the new maturity switch and it is sensitive to exercise

In an article in the journal Nature Communications, researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy present a novel mechanism underlying the reduced production of insulin in type 2 diabetes (T2D). They describe how insulin-producing cells regress in […]