Fibromialgia: l'infiammazione ed il dolore sono dentro il cervello
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Neurosteroids vs fire: the brain does not take the Toll 4 granted

Neuroactive steroids, which are naturally occurring steroids in the brain and elsewhere in the body, have many functions critical for life and health. These steroids decline with aging and are deficient in many neuropsychiatric conditions, […]

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Eosino-philia for cancer: the hidden ancient weapon rises up

Eosinophils are white blood cells that secrete powerfully destructive proteins.Major basic protein 1 and 2 (MBP-1, MBP-2), eosinophil-derived neurotoxin (EDN), and eosinophil peroxidase all are cytotoxic proteins. EPO EPO catalyzes the oxidation of halides (chlorine, […]

Il dialogo invisibile fra microbiota e sistema nervoso
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Mental health: postpartum women are at greater risk with IBD comorbidity

Inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD, are a group of chronic gastrointestinal disorders in which people have ulceration, inflammation, and bleeding of their gastrointestinal tract, and are at risk for complications in other parts of the […]

OGG1: as
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OGG1: as genome “greasemonkey” and inflammatory “mailman”

A multidisciplinary team of researchers led from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have developed an anti-inflammatory drug molecule with a new mechanism of action. By inhibiting a certain protein, the researchers were able to reduce the […]

Endometriosi: nuove scoperte e prospettive biomediche
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Endometriosis: new facts, concepts beneath etiology and biomedicine

Endometriosis is an estrogen-dependent pelvic inflammatory disease characterized by implantation and growth of endometrial tissue (glands and stroma) outside the uterine cavity. It affects approximately 10-15% of women of reproductive age. The most common symptoms […]

Artrosi e grassi nella dieta: le prove ci sono
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Osteoarthrosis and fats in the diet: proofs are “on the plate”

Osteoarthritis is the most common version of arthritis and affects millions of people around the world, including about 30 million people in the United States alone. The condition is characterized by the slow breaking of […]

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Microbiota and type 2 diabetes: the fight for health is “intestine”

Very recently, it has been recognized that the bacterial flora of the human gut plays a major role in health and in the appearance of diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Although many […]