Liver cancer: "malignant pathways" are already there in cirrhosis
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Liver cancer: “malignant pathways” are already there in cirrhosis

Liver cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related mortality worldwide, claiming 700,000 lives each year. Most cases are discovered too late for a cure — but now a study offers hope of early detection, […]

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NAD+: does the hidden metabolism mirrors to tissue health?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is called the “anti-aging molecule” because research has shown that its levels fall with age and that restoring them can extend years of good health and even longevity itself. This molecule […]

Inflammation, diet and
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Inflammation, immunity, diet and sleep: who regulates who?

Inflammation, which is the root cause of autoimmune disorders including arthritis, type 1 diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease, has unexpected effects on body clock function and can lead to sleep and shiftwork-type disorders, […]

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Organophosphates: not only as pesticides, now indoor threateners

Scientists at Indiana University found high levels of a previously unsuspected pollutant in homes, in an electronic waste recycling facility and in the natural environment. People are likely to be exposed to this pollutant by […]

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cBIN1: the marker that could “set the score” for the heart

A team led by a Cedars-Sinai physician-scientist has discovered a biomarker – a protein found in the blood – for the most common type of heart failure, a new study published today in JAMA Cardiology shows. Heart […]

Mutations: not just in overt cancer
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Mutations: not just in overt cancer, the hotspot lights up earlier

  Mutations in healthy tissue are known as somatic mutations. As people age, mutations in their DNA slowly build up.  Because cancer is the result of an accumulation of genetic mutations, understanding how these add up over […]

Gum disease: radical treatment improves life quality in diabetics
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Microbiota like "Big Brother": spying on his metabolism for our health
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Microbiota like “Big Brother”: spying on his metabolism for our health

Researchers at the University of Virginia and their collaborators, however, have devised a way to understand not just what is happening but why. By combining cutting-edge computer modeling with old-fashioned laboratory legwork, they have developed a crystal […]

Drug-induced lung troubles: hidden, delayed but real 1
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Drug-induced lung troubles: hidden, delayed but real

Sometimes, drugs that treat one health problem can, in time, lead to another. This is the case for many common medications that may contribute to the development of lung disease.  A new systematic review has […]

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Stem cells: neurotransmitters got them by “gut feelings”

Somatic stem cells are microscopic workhorses, constantly regenerating cells throughout the body: skin and the lining of the intestine, for example. And to University of Illinois neuroscientists, they represent untapped potential. “If we could find […]