Chirurgia bariatrica: come cambia la preferenza alimentare a tavola dopo l'intervento
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Bariatric surgery: how does it shift cellular aging?

Obesity increases the risk of a number of serious conditions, not least, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Being clinically obese also hastens the aging process, a fact which, over the last few years, has been pinned […]

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Obesity and diabetes: from herbs a natural help to deal with issues

Obesity is a clinical condition, the prevalence of which has increased significantly in recent decades in Western countries and, later, worldwide. Obesity has been defined as a pandemic and one of the main health problems […]

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Air pollution and miscarriage: IDentity of the culprits

Air quality has been associated with numerous adverse health outcomes, from asthma to diabetes to pre-term birth. Several recent studies have suggested that maternal exposures to air pollution and temperature extremes might contribute to low birth weight (LBW), […]

Ovaio policistico: cosa vogliono dire lo stress ossidativo e i markers
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PCOS: what oxidative stress and markers are trying us to tell

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is the most frequently observed endocrinopathy in women of reproductive age. Although the figures vary according to diagnostic criteria, its incidence is reported between 6% and 20%. Acne, hirsutism, seborrhea, menstrual […]

Ritmi giorno-notte: sono connessi allo stress ossidativo e ai liquidi interni
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Light-dark cycles: their connection to oxidative stress and gene expression

The researchers identified three new genes associated with the regulation of circadian rhythms. A family of genes allows cells to adapt to daily changes in environmental conditions by adjusting their internal “biological clock“, the circadian […]

Endometriosi: nuove scoperte e prospettive biomediche
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Endometriosis: new facts, concepts beneath etiology and biomedicine

Endometriosis is an estrogen-dependent pelvic inflammatory disease characterized by implantation and growth of endometrial tissue (glands and stroma) outside the uterine cavity. It affects approximately 10-15% of women of reproductive age. The most common symptoms […]

Malattie articolari: la diagnosi arriva dal sangue
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Inflammatory joint diseases: diagnosis might finally come from blood

At the moment there is no blood test for osteoarthritis in the initial stage, a degenerative joint disease in which the cartilage that fades and the movement of the bearings breaks, causing pain, swelling and […]

Antiossidanti: il caffè non è secondo a nessuno
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Antioxidants: the lovely coffee is second to no one

Everyone likes a good coffee. One reason, perhaps unconscious, is that coffee is potentially the biggest source of antioxidants in the world. The other reason is, well, because a good coffee is addictive; in a […]

Vitamina C: serve al diabete e anche prima che compaia
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Vitamin C: useful either for overt diabetes and before its onset

Diabetes is one of the world’s largest health emergencies with 415 million people aged 20 to 70 worldwide having diabetes in 2015 and the prevalence is increasing. Type 2 diabetes mellitus (DMT2) is a complex disease […]

Pancreas: l'insulina è comandata anche dal cervello
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Insulin: it is also ordered in the brain and mitochondria “take shape”

The brain is fundamental in the regulation of appetite, body weight and metabolism. Specifically, there is a small group of hypothalamic neurons, called POMC, that detect and integrate the signals that inform about the energetic […]