Trapianto d'organo: il farmaco per il diabete viene dirottato sull'immunità
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HLA-G: tolerance is the new trend for grafting

A powerful immune molecule helps protect transplanted organs from rejection, by putting a silencer on two other immune molecules that converge to take a direct aggression at the organ, that’s the latest. That targeted, protective […]

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Medulloblastoma: on the hunt for mutations and solutions

Among young children, medulloblastoma is among the most common form of brain tumor. Medulloblastoma, which is divided into four subgroups, is partially caused when a mutation occurs in the “driver genes” that either promote or […]

CancerSEEK: la nuova analisi al sangue per i tumori
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CancerSEEK: the latest blood test for cancer detection

Blood tests that detect somatic mutations (“liquid biopsies”) offer the promise of exquisite specificity because they are based on driver gene mutations that are expected to be found only in abnormal clonal proliferations of cells, […]