Il nuovo farmaco ammazza-leucemia alle prove: venetoclax
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CDK6: once removed, the mutant JAcK 2 order

Myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs) are a group of rare, malignant diseases of the bone marrow involving the production of an excess of red blood cells, white blood cells and/or platelets. MPNs are chronic diseases with only […]

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p53 face-off: from tumor suppressor to growh enhancer?

Search for a description of p53 and it becomes clear that this human protein is widely known for its cancer-fighting benefits, leading to its renown as “the guardian of the genome.” The widely accepted idea […]

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Cell aging and aminoacids: tumor suppressor sends oxidants letters

Investigating an enzyme that stops cells from dividing could be a fruitful avenue for research into how to slow aging and treat aging-related diseases. This was the conclusion that researchers at Kobe University in Japan […]

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Medulloblastoma: on the hunt for mutations and solutions

Among young children, medulloblastoma is among the most common form of brain tumor. Medulloblastoma, which is divided into four subgroups, is partially caused when a mutation occurs in the “driver genes” that either promote or […]

Il gene malato "muta la pelle": il caso della sindrome AEC
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The sick gene “shifts the skin”: the case for AEC syndrome

The origin of many diseases lies in the genetic anomalies that cause malfunctions in the proteins that encode. A well-known and widely studied example is p53, a tumor suppressor protein (tumor suppressor). The inactivation of […]