Omega-6: non come gli omega-3 ma servono anch'essi
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Linoleic acid and omega-tales: effects rely on gene background

Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid. People carrying different variants of the FADS1 gene had a different inflammatory response and different changes in their fasting glucose levels when supplementing their diet by linoleic acid […]

Biological properties of milk: beyond the usual calcium
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Biological properties of milk: beyond the “boring” calcium…

Milk is the first food for man and, for its nutritional characteristics (including those of its derivatives), it is confirmed as one of the fundamental products for human nutrition in all ages. There are various […]

Microbiota intestinale: come previene il tumore del colon
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Gut microbiota: how it could directly prevent colorectal cancer

New research, published in the journal Nature Communications, shows how our diet affects bacteria in our gut, which, in turn, can alter the behavior of our genes and the risk of cancer. The good bacteria […]

Diabete: l'armamentario si allarga di novità 2
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Artrosi e grassi nella dieta: le prove ci sono
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Osteoarthrosis and fats in the diet: proofs are “on the plate”

Osteoarthritis is the most common version of arthritis and affects millions of people around the world, including about 30 million people in the United States alone. The condition is characterized by the slow breaking of […]