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Gli inibitori SGLT2 per la gestione innovativa delle patologie cardiovascolari e non solo

In una meta-analisi a livello di studio pubblicata sulla...

Gli effetti dello zucchero sulla salute pubblica: non-solo-diabete-e-cardiovasculopatie

Eccesso di zuccheri e salute pubblica Le malattie non trasmissibili...

Dipendenza da alcolici e sistema oppioide: spostare l’interesse verso i recettori kappa può essere la chiave?

Gli scienziati di Scripps Research del Dipartimento di Medicina...

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Marrow stem cells enterprising toward aging: a journey among receptors, cytokines, signaling, “fatty” stores and lifestyle

The aging immune system is associated with reduced lymphopoiesis, increased inflammation, and bone marrow diseases due to alterations in self-renewing haematopoietic stem cells (HSCs)....

“Smoking” habits leading immunity to be “wasted in smoke”: tobacco meets epigenetics for its lasting effects

Like other factors such as age, sex and genetics, smoking has a major impact on immune responses. This is the finding recently made by...

Even becoming a mother implies “gut” feelings: and microbiota shapeshifts according to necessities

Pregnancy induces significant changes in hormonal levels, body structure, and immune function, essential for fetal development. Initially, the maternal immune system is pro-inflammatory, becoming...

Psychological stress reshape immunity from its “guts”: the role of gamma-delta T cells

In experiments with mice and humans, a team led by Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers says it has identified a particular intestinal immune cell that...

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