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Gli inibitori SGLT2 per la gestione innovativa delle patologie cardiovascolari e non solo

In una meta-analisi a livello di studio pubblicata sulla...

Gli effetti dello zucchero sulla salute pubblica: non-solo-diabete-e-cardiovasculopatie

Eccesso di zuccheri e salute pubblica Le malattie non trasmissibili...

Dipendenza da alcolici e sistema oppioide: spostare l’interesse verso i recettori kappa può essere la chiave?

Gli scienziati di Scripps Research del Dipartimento di Medicina...

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Marrow stem cells enterprising toward aging: a journey among receptors, cytokines, signaling, “fatty” stores and lifestyle

The aging immune system is associated with reduced lymphopoiesis, increased inflammation, and bone marrow diseases due to alterations in self-renewing haematopoietic stem cells (HSCs)....

Psychological stress reshape immunity from its “guts”: the role of gamma-delta T cells

In experiments with mice and humans, a team led by Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers says it has identified a particular intestinal immune cell that...

Why mononucleosis takes root in some individuals and not for everyone? Science brings the answer to the “surface”

Of all the viral infections that affect humans, Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is one of the most common. Upon initial infection, the virus causes mononucleosis...

Pneumonia: discovered how it grows back from residual flu

The situation is relatively common, especially in winter. You come down with the flu, which lasts longer than usual. A few days later, you...

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