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T-box for obesity, cancer and arthritis: 3 refer to 1

The worldwide epidemic of obesity has reached record levels, and what was once a problem only of industrialized countries is now also affecting the developing world. Consequently, scientists are working with great commitment to identify […]

Microbiota intestinale: come previene il tumore del colon
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Microbiota: western diet and gut bacteria trying to keep the balance

Diet appears to be a major factor that influences the composition of the human gut microbiota. Dietary proteins are first digested in the small intestine by human digestive enzymes, but about 10–12% reach the large […]

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Obesity and diabetes: from herbs a natural help to deal with issues

Obesity is a clinical condition, the prevalence of which has increased significantly in recent decades in Western countries and, later, worldwide. Obesity has been defined as a pandemic and one of the main health problems […]