Estrogeni: per le mestruazioni servono anche quelli dal cervello
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Bone hormones and brain neurons: the roadmap becomes roundtrip

More than 200 million people worldwide suffer from osteoporosis, a weakening of the bones to the point where falls or even minor stresses like bending over or coughing can trigger fractures. In healthy individuals, bone […]

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NAD+: does the hidden metabolism mirrors to tissue health?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is called the “anti-aging molecule” because research has shown that its levels fall with age and that restoring them can extend years of good health and even longevity itself. This molecule […]

Mutations: not just in overt cancer
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Mutations: not just in overt cancer, the hotspot lights up earlier

  Mutations in healthy tissue are known as somatic mutations. As people age, mutations in their DNA slowly build up.  Because cancer is the result of an accumulation of genetic mutations, understanding how these add up over […]

Sonno REM e rischio demenza: i legami ci sono
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REM sleep and demetia risk: there are relations but still no explanations

REM, or “rapid eye movement,” is one of four stages of sleep, which also include two phases of light sleep and a deeper sleep phase called slow-wave-sleep (slow wave sleep). REM sleep is characterized by […]