Leukemia: its
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Leukemia stem cells: they are hungry for aminoacids rather than sugars

Most of animal cells rip apart sugar to release energy. Sometimes they rip apart fats, and in special circumstances, cells can even metabolize proteins. Cancer cells do things a little differently. First, most cancer cells […]

Liver cancer: "malignant pathways" are already there in cirrhosis
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Liver cancer: “malignant pathways” are already there in cirrhosis

Liver cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related mortality worldwide, claiming 700,000 lives each year. Most cases are discovered too late for a cure — but now a study offers hope of early detection, […]

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Puberty: overweight girls might have their own “way to go”

Girls have been experiencing puberty earlier in life for the last 150 years or so, with 12.5 years being the average age girls start puberty today. Early-onset puberty can lead girls to experience health problems […]

Microbiota like "Big Brother": spying on his metabolism for our health
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Microbiota like “Big Brother”: spying on his metabolism for our health

Researchers at the University of Virginia and their collaborators, however, have devised a way to understand not just what is happening but why. By combining cutting-edge computer modeling with old-fashioned laboratory legwork, they have developed a crystal […]

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Stem cells: neurotransmitters got them by “gut feelings”

Somatic stem cells are microscopic workhorses, constantly regenerating cells throughout the body: skin and the lining of the intestine, for example. And to University of Illinois neuroscientists, they represent untapped potential. “If we could find […]

La "pallottola d'argento" per i tumori: adesso è da prendere alla lettera
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Silver bullets for cancers: now it’s time to believe it “on the word”

Apart from the fiction related to werewolves, there has always been talk of finding a “silver bullet” to kill tumors, as declared by the researcher Domagk about a century ago. Perhaps time has proved him […]

Microbiota intestinale: come previene il tumore del colon
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Gut microbiota: how it could directly prevent colorectal cancer

New research, published in the journal Nature Communications, shows how our diet affects bacteria in our gut, which, in turn, can alter the behavior of our genes and the risk of cancer. The good bacteria […]

Diabete: l'armamentario si allarga di novità 2
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Pancreas: l'insulina è comandata anche dal cervello
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Insulin: it is also ordered in the brain and mitochondria “take shape”

The brain is fundamental in the regulation of appetite, body weight and metabolism. Specifically, there is a small group of hypothalamic neurons, called POMC, that detect and integrate the signals that inform about the energetic […]

Vitamina A: se manca può comparire anche diabete
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Vitamin A: a surface receptor links vitamin lacking to diabetes

Researchers from the United Kingdom and Sweden have found that there are large amounts of vitamin A receptors, called GPRC5C, on the surface of pancreatic beta cells. In part by blocking vitamin A receptors in […]